Kyle To Consider Preventive Camping, Begging Measures

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As more cities adopt anti-camping ordinances, Kyle City Council addressed its need to implement similar proactive measures.

Councilmember Yvonne Flores-Cale requested the creation of a specific ordinance with the intent of eliminating camping and soliciting throughout the city.

“After reviewing the City of Kyle ordinances and researching surrounding cities’ ordinances, I realized that Kyle is in a good position to become proactive regarding both campers and beggars,” Flores-Cale said.

Although Kyle currently has little to no campers and minimal solicitors, Flores-Cale said the goal of a new ordinance is to “create an environment where everyone can feel safe and secure.”

Mayor Travis Mitchell mentioned Kyle does have an anti-panhandling section in a parking ordinance but that it may not be as expansive.

“I don’t think it’s an issue now, but obviously with the amount of displacement that could take place in Austin, we might as well figure out what our position is going to be,” Mitchell said.

City officials will also detail exemptions for groups or residents who want to camp at green spaces within city limits.

With input from the Kyle Police Department, a drafted ordinance is expected for presentation at an upcoming council meeting.

“My intent is to be proactive when handling these types of sensitive issues, which I see our surrounding cities battling daily,” Flores-Cale said. “By amending our ordinances now, the City of Kyle does not have to spend time and energy relocating residences, and proactively construct plans to assist with underlying issues that lead to homelessness, such as low-income and joblessness.”