Kyle City Council Votes To Remove Rebel Drive; Committee To Recommend New Street Names

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Screenshot from Google Maps

The Kyle City Council voted unanimously to remove the Rebel Drive street name and create a committee to rename the road Tuesday night.

After public backlash from its first proposed renaming to Fajita Drive, the council rescinded their previous decision but will continue with the eventual removal of the Rebel name because of its ties to the Confederacy.

“The state highway will continue to be referred to by its state assigned designation as West Ranch to Market Road 150 until a new name is chosen,” read a press release by the city.

Council will be presented with an outline and schedule for forming an Ad Hoc committee on Sept. 1. If approved, the committee would be appointed to create and recommend new street names based on resident feedback.

“We’ve all learned a lesson in that the citizens should make this choice,” Councilmember Robert Rizo said. “Citizens of Kyle will reach out to our committee members and be able to voice what name they would like to see.”

Councilmember Michael Tobias also emphasized the need for public input on the final name decision.

“The number one thing is public opinion and public hearings for discussions,” Tobias said. “It’ll be about being transparent, starting new, and including people. They can work with city staff and historians in the area, and then we can go from there. We can take it in steps.”

Grant funds set aside in the 2020-21 city budget would be established for those financially impacted by the possible renaming. Until a new one is officially chosen, businesses, property owners and residents can continue using the Rebel Drive address.