Anti-Begging, Soliciting Signage Approved By Kyle City Council

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To eliminate begging and solicitation at the intersection of Interstate 35 and FM 1626, Kyle City Council unanimously voted to approve a resolution to coordinate with the Texas Department of Transportation to install signs.

Chief of Police Jeff Barnett said the signage will help the department enforce a recently passed ordinance which bans begging, solicitation and some camping within city limits.

“Begging from the streets and on our sidewalks can become dangerous to our motoring and walking public,” Barnett said. “This [resolution] will simply allow us to work with TxDOT since that is a TxDOT roadway.”

Barnett sited the intersection as a frequently solicited area, resulting in many traffic incidents. Signs will be installed on the east and west side of the intersection.

“We want to put up some signs to help prevent [dangerous activity] and reduce officer response to that; we go out there quite often,” Barnett said.

The council amended the resolution to include the intersection of I-35 and Center Street in case the initial signs inadvertently move beggars down that road.